Sales Reinvented


Sales as an industry has changed, driven by client expectations, technology and a new way to engage with customers.

Gone are the days of charismatic, shallow, short term client engagements, where closing skills, charm and people skills are at the heart of success.

The era of the client centric, product knowledge rich, technologically agile sales people/consultants is here. It’s time to change.

1000 Steps

Outsource the development of your salespeople/consultants and managers to us

At 1000Steps we specialise in bringing out the best in your teams. Whether you are a Professional services Business, a Software Company, an Engineering firm, a Startup or a Scale-up, empowering your sales teams with the skills to succeed in sales is critical to your success.


There is a simple formula to building a successful sales/consulting model. The secret to success is laying out a clear process for all team members to follow. 


Once you have built and implemented a model all understand, your management teams should manage through the model. CRM is always at the heart of this and a healthy CRM is the true test of how well you are performing


Let us do what we are good at so you can focus on what you excel at. We will develop your teams in a sound pedagogical manner they will love and embrace. Our training will allow your teams to grow in a manner that is fitting for the vigorous world of sales. Let us give you all tools, models, and support your teams as you grow the existing and new teams. Consistency is critical as you scale.


Very few companies have their sales models clearly laid out. The reflection of this is in the health of the data in their CRM. A successful model should have the following

  1. Accurate and well categorised database in CRM
  2. A clear model for managing Inbound Leads
  3. An Account Based Marketing model
  4. An Outbound Marketing model
  5. A process for nurturing all leads
  6. Way of tracking the attempts to book meetings
  7. Clear introductory and review meeting process
  8. Gates clearly laid out during the discovery process
  9. Collaboration process with clients post discovery
  10. Proposal model
  11. Negotiation process
  12. Onboarding a new client
  13. Existing client servicing model

Our consulting program will work with you to build some or all of the above, work with you to implement the model and review on an ongoing basis if required.



Teaching is a skill that takes years to learn; it’s not as simple as getting a subject matter expert to share knowledge. Without sound pedagogy built around your training program, the behavioural change in your teams you want will not happen.  We will work with your teams to create an effective and quantitive training program, where all the outcomes are geared towards getting the best out of your consultants/sales-people. Our goal for the bespoke model is to use cutting edge teaching methods, using your corporate language, ensure pedagogically sound methods, and empower your managers to follow up post course to create long lasting change. 

04.   CRM

CRM’s are typically built by engineers for CEO’s. CRM’s should be built by people who understand salespeople and how they will be interacting with the system. At SalesBox, the system has been designed in this way; it’s simple, effective, intuitive and it works. There are three parts to getting your CRM right. 

1. Your model, it’s set up and quality of data in the CRM

2. How the teams use the CRM on a daily basis

3. Managers diligently at all levels managing through the CRM

The latter part is the key and is one of the biggest causes of failure. Without senior management looking at CRM on a daily basis, the teams below them will not be driven to provide accurate data. Senior management must call it when it’s not being done. 

Companies we have worked with


After 1000 Steps training I have 1400 new senior connections on LinkedIn, 6 potentially huge projects ongoing and multiple other qualified leads. Plus 4 new accounts opened in the last month.

PS. I’ve now been engaged with 1000 steps for over a year and loved them so much I’ve decided to work with.


Sales Director; eTalent Recruitment Software

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