End of week one

I am sat here on a train on my way to Glasgow, writing my notes and reflecting on how the last week went. My best mate from Aberdeen is bringing my mountain bike down for me and am going to ride back from Glasgow to Edinburgh along the canal. Should be a lovely day and will share the pics with you. 

Down to business though. Where am I? What’s happened? How did week one go?

I’m not even sure where to start, it’s all been a bit of a blur! Between landing on Sunday, staying in two Airbnb’s, luckily securing an amazing apartment for my daughter and I for two, and hustling my way through the most spectacular BD week of my life, I finally now have a chance to take a breath and write my blog. 

So, let’s reflect on the main points. Before I start, the primary purpose of my visit is to be with my daughter. She is currently doing her O Levels and I want to spend the two months with her while she does these. So far, this has gone great, she sat her first exam and we are settling in well together. It has been six months since she moved here and it’s great to finally get the one-on-one time with her. 

Back to business. I was terrified when I set off. To be honest, I sent my wife the above message just as I got on the plane. It’s a daunting thought, to up roots for two months from a super successful world to a zero-sum game. I am literally starting with nothing and blogging my way through it so the world can see what happens. 

Anyway, there was no need to worry. We had prepped for this for two months. I knew it was happening at Christmas and Monica, Todd, and myself had planned properly and strategically on how to make this work well. 

The week fell into four parts:

1. Networking events. 

2. LinkedIn 

3. Meetings booked 

4. Delivery of my existing work and projects 

Let me summarise the plans for each and then look at a day by day run down of the week:

Networking events:

We knew this was critical from day one. It’s one of the easiest ways to meet people and build up your networks. For me, it was a no brainer and Monica set up three brilliant events that all created high-quality meetings straight away. I like networking as you get a chance to meet people, build networks, and still be active in the business scene. Sometimes the quality simply isn’t there, but it’s unusual for me not to meet at least one contact who is of value. However, in week one I have been super blessed by my events. 

Day one was for start-ups. Motivation Monday and James Shoemark, the organiser, is a networker supreme. 

Day three,  James brought me to the EIE-INVEST STARTUP event the Wednesday following and the result from this was off the charts. I set myself a goal of 40 contacts, 10 strong contacts, 3 appointments and 2 partnerships. The net result was:

167 contacts, 30 solid conversations, at least 15 meetings, so far 5 booked but more to come and 3 clear partnership opportunities

Day four was a No Ties Networking event, and it was a brilliant, well-run event with some lovely people. I managed to get:

4 contacts, 2 meetings booked. 

Day five was a lovely little postcode advertising event and there was a super nice group of people there. I managed to get:

 2 names and 1 meeting booked 

So overall, after four networking events, I netted out about:

36 solid contacts that I am confident will net a min of 15 meetings, maybe more like 20 to 22 but let’s stay pessimistic on it and run with 15 and 2 potential partners 


My plan always was to reach out to larger volumes of businesses and play the numbers game. I have sent out 300 connection requests. 

163 accepted. 84 conversations started and going on and 30 asks for first meetings. 4 meetings booked 

Meetings booked: 

This week was a little low. I have done one meeting but next week will pick up. This was a networking week, so we expect to be a little behind the curve.

Delivery of existing projects:

Solid week. Both bootcamps went well. Had a Wi-Fi issue on Thursday, but that’s fixed now with my new setup and high-speed broadband at my new apartment. 

Summary: I am building out a week by week picture of the model, this picture is week one, see the stats below. PS my daughter is doing the artwork.

Week one was as good as it possibly could have been. Super busy, loads of contacts, meetings in the diary for the next three weeks, the model is there and I can see where the growth will come from.

180 contacts pulled in

40 solid leads brought in 

12 booked meetings 

4 potential partners 

1 solid partner onboard

I do have to say; I had no thoughts of this week going as well as it has. It is my dream start and I am feeling super lucky here in Edinburgh. My one piece of advice to myself though is:

‘Optimise what I have done and keep doing more of it’.

Got to keep the pressure on.

Here are some pictures from my Canal ride from Glasgow to Edinburgh. Took 6 hours but was amazing.