I am here. Edinburgh. It’s week 2, and I am in the thick of it now! The real work has well and truly started. For those of you who don’t know, I have uplifted and left a solid business in Singapore and planted a new one in Edinburgh, Scotland. I have 8 weeks to make this dramatic and ambitious project work before I return to SINGAPORE on the 20th of June.

So far, it feels like one of those TV shows where it’s all on the table and time is somehow both your friend and your enemy.

As if this time wasn’t busy enough for me, it’s also my birthday week, and I am in for an epic surprise that I did not see coming. It blew my mind!

Update so far: I had a solid period of prep before I landed and my team has been on this for two weeks prior to my visit. Because of this in-depth planning, the first week ended up being a dream. Big thanks to my epic team. I ended the first seven days with over a 160 contacts, 41 solid conversations, and over 15 meetings for the end of the week. 

Week 2 starts here! It’s Monday, and I open my diary. It feels good to know that last week has netted me over 19 meetings, 13 first with new prospects, and 2 fact finds with contacts I had done a first with last week, as well as others from networking events. 

Let’s break down the meeting types I had then drill down on the results of the week and my takeaways:

Five types of meetings:

  1. Networking events 
  2. First meetings with potential prospects 
  3. Second meetings where I was doing a fact find
  4. First meeting with potential partners 
  5. Bootcamp training course that we deliver twice a week 

These were the five types of meetings that I had, all pretty simple, but let’s run through the subtlety of each of them and exactly what I was hoping to achieve. 


These are the backbone of my model here in Scotland. I don’t know anyone and have to build my network. I do have to say that it’s different here, as people are a little less transactional, super helpful, and all understand that they are at the events for two purposes. 

  1. To build their businesses. 
  2. To help others do the same. 

The second is critical, and I am finding that they are really interested in collaborations and it is very much a two-way flow. 

First meetings 

These are meetings where I introduced myself or am introduced to founders, owners, or senior team members with a view to seeing how the land lies with regards to a possible collaboration. It’s super relaxed and friendly, but you should also follow a pretty structured model. The two questions for me are, did I follow my model and how did the meetings go?

Second meetings/fact finds 

This is where we dive into our potential clients’ worlds and spend a fair bit of time drawing out a deep understanding of their business, their model, their culture, their technology, and other parts of their world that affect their sales. 

First meetings with potential partners 

This is, as I say, about meeting potential partners and looking at how we can help them scale, and in doing that, drive revenue or better client relationships into their world. 

Bootcamp training with our existing clients 

We are currently delivering a boot camp with the most incredible group of founders. We are taking them through a build of their models over three months, all live in the cloud using zoom.us. This includes 18 people in Melbourne, Thailand, Malaysia, Scotland, and Singapore. 

What were my metrics

3 booked networking events and 4 attended.

13 first meetings with prospects, with 9 sat meetings.

2 meetings with potential partners, 2 sat meetings. 

2 training sessions to deliver and 2 delivered. 

I apologise if I am being a bit repetitive but, at the heart of the model, it always comes back to the number of meetings, the quality of the people I am meeting with, and the quality of the meeting itself. This never really changes and it will be my main focus for the majority the eight weeks that I am here.

Week two, what were the results of the different meetings, what did I learn, and what happened with my Uber birthday shock?

Networking events 

Another week in which we over-delivered, with four sensational meetings. I had a start-up funding event on Monday, which was brilliant and pulled in a few contacts, followed by another Tuesday event that, although it did not lead to many contacts, was amazing. It was a speakers event and made me realise how poor my public speaking is, so I have now committed myself to get much better at this. Thursday’s event was brilliant and was run by an amazing co-working space. The presentation on web design delivered by Andy Adamson was top notch.

We then come to CURRY Connections run by Colin McKeand. This is how an event should be run. Well put together, very friendly, and a lovely bunch of folk. They even got me a cake for my birthday. How cool was that?!

Monday, start-up event – 7 contacts – 3 solid

Tuesday – Speakers event – no leads

Wednesday – cowering event – 5 strong contacts

Friday – birthday Curry networking – 22 contacts – 4 solid contacts

First meetings 

It has been a dream start to my journey. It’s all about firsts and I, of all people, know this. I preach this on a daily basis! There is, however, a caveat to this; it’s all down to the volume of firsts, followed by quality of the people I am seeing, followed closely by the quality of the relationship and finished with how well I follow the process of the meeting.

This week, the quantity clearly was sensational. In fact, it does not get better than 13 booked and 9 sat. So, what about the quality of the people? It was good overall; there were a few in there that, on reflection, might not have been my demographic, but to be honest, I would not have been able to filter that and that’s the key to the numbers game. The relationships with the people were all strong and mostly came from networking, along with a couple from LinkedIn. I could do with a couple of extra referrals in there, but that will come with time. 

Where I went wrong was with the quality of my meetings. I was super busy and tended to be a little last minute on my preparation and research. I should have been more professional on how I went about this and I will do a better job of it this week. With regards to the meetings themselves, I feel I was a little loose. For example, in one of the meetings I dressed down and probably should not have. I had assumed that it was a low potential lead, when it was actually a solid prospect over the long term. I also got a bit excited about my journey and, as usual for me, talked too much. I’m being a little harsh on myself here, but I really could have done a better job in four or five of the meetings. I need to concentrate on the key things in the future.

Overall though, they went well. Four of them will go to second meetings and two of them are high quality with a solid relationship there.

13 meetings

9 sat meetings

4 will go to second meetings

2 will go to further conversations

Second meetings 

Had two second meetings/fact finds. They both went really well and both will go to third meetings. Perfect result.

Meetings with potential partners

Had two of these. They went really well and I am well on my way with both of them to develop a long-term relationship that could strongly benefit both of us. I have a plan for both of them and will be following through on this. The key here is a solid model of touch points that keeps me at the front of their minds over the next six months.

Training sessions

Delivered both sessions. Made the fatal mistake of doing the first one in a co-working location and the Wi-Fi kept dropping out. The second I delivered from my apartment with my super-fast fibre broadband. It went brilliantly and I love the fact we are training people in Sydney, Melbourne, Thailand, and, of course, Singapore from Scotland.


Overall, a brilliant week. I delivered my content and pulled in loads of contacts. However, I dropped the ball a little on LinkedIn as I didn’t have the right number of conversations, but the networking more than made up for things. Will definitely get a solid number of meetings from the events. I also pulled in a couple of referrals and am meeting one of them this week. My first meetings went well and one of them could be sensational for us. My fact-finds also went well and will lead to next meetings.

The really good news is that, since I have been here, we have managed to sign up three people for our May bootcamp from Scotland, which is super exciting and I am really happy to have these start-ups on the course.

Let me finish. 

It was my birthday on Friday. I was working and had five meetings. My 15-year-old had three exams and, as a result, we were all pretty focussed on delivery, not my birthday. Well, that is what I thought.


My dad and my brother reached out for a beer on my way home, which I thought was lovely. Had two or three with them before I got ready for dinner with Lilian. We made our way home and they both said, let’s come see the apartment, as my dad had not seen it yet. We got in, and to my surprise, they had organised a party. 

My Mum and Stepdad had come from Aberdeen, my Sister and her hubby and their children were there, as well as my brother and sister-in-law. I was super shocked! Not ever in my life have I been so well conned. I almost broke down, I was so emotional.

Great finish to a good start! Let’s get into the next week and see how it rolls.