It is week 3 of my immersion into a new city and a totally new environment where the goal is to plant an existing business in a new location over two months. As I mentioned in my first blog, I have quite literally put my money where my mouth is to see, no prove, that our model really works. 

So how has the week been? What’s worked, what hasn’t and where are my weak links so far?

After 14 high-flying days, it has been an uncomfortable week three. My lead generation has gone well and my appointment booking is thriving too, but the numbers say that the quality needs to be refined. This quality refers to the meetings leads and the quality of what I am doing. Let’s recap my blog one goals and keep them in mind as I walk through how it’s gone so far.

My goals are as follows over the next 5 weeks:

  1. Pull in 20 new names per week from week one onwards, from week 3, 3 referrals per week and balance from other sources.
  2. 4 first meetings per week, 2 with referrals and 2 with other sources.
  3. Do 2 fact finds each week from week 3.
  4. Do 2 collaboration meetings each week from week 4.
  5. Bring in 1 new client per week from week 5 onwards.
  6. Bring in a total of 5 new clients, corporates.
  7. Put 5 people on boot camp.
  8. Do 2 workshops.
  9. Do 2 in-house training sessions.

I am nervous about the coming weeks. The meetings have been good but none have made it to a fact-find thus far. From the first I have been sourcing, this creates an issue for me. The problems ultimately come from one or both of two areas. One, the quality of what I am doing or two, the quality of the contacts I had in my diary. Let me walk through my thoughts:

I did five first meetings, and, on reflection two of them are founders of businesses that are at the right stage to become a potential client. The others are at different stages of their business, with most not being in a sales-building mode at this moment and therefore, realistically, they have more potential to be collaborators or partners. It’s not that I don’t want to see them, but the reality is that five meetings per week need to come from a clear group of people. The other three can come from other groups and that’s both fine and necessary for me to build up people and contacts in town.

Maybe I need to reassess my goals:

  1. 20 new names per week
  2. Five first meetings, with founders, CEO’s or partners in businesses that could scale.
  3. Do 2 fact finds per week
  4. Do 2 collaboration meetings per week
  5. Bring in 1 new client week five
  6. Bring in a total of 5 new clients
  7. Put 5 people on boot camp in June 2019
  8. Do 2 workshops in Edinburgh before I leave
  9. Do 2 in-house training sessions in Edinburgh before I leave

On reflection, the slight change in goal two is an extremely critical one. I must have five meetings per week, and they must be with Founders, CEOs or Partners in businesses that could scale. This little switch is important and I am certain that it’s what I need to focus on to make the very best use of my time and therefore yield the best results. Next week, I have about seven meetings, all of which are with my exact target demographic. This is key to push forward into the following week. I will be assessing on Monday this week as to whether I am likely to achieve my diary goals.

Now, onto the second part, my performance and how effective I am in meetings. I am going to be pretty frank here, I am a bit disappointed with how I have engaged in the meetings thus far. I am in a new place, I am enjoying it, and this creates a buzz of excitement. The risk with this over enthusiasm/confidence is a lack of professionalism and patience. I have been rushing things and not taking my time and going with the pace of the meetings as I usually would. One meeting in particular sticks out, as I got way too excited, and undermined everything I was trying to achieve with a lack of my own fundamental teachings. I have to slow down, keep to the structure, and navigate through the meetings in a measured and thoughtful way. I’m not here to BS you, we are all still learning every single day, and if you stop taking lessons from your work and start believing you are perfect, that will be the first step to your demise.

Sometimes it is tough to practice what you preach. Cobblers and their bairns shoes. This is a Scottish interpretation of the cobbler and the children shoes. This week I am going to focus on following the model; let’s see how it goes by the end of the week.

Right, now let’s get to the good stuff. What’s worked well this week?

I had another 4 networking events, with one of them being the perfect function for me to get out there and meet helpful new people. This event was the Wayra AI Blockchain demo day, a 5 star event with a great group of start-ups that were all trying to scale up their companies through fundraising and building sales. The event was run from a beautiful venue and the cocktails were at Edinburgh castle.

From this event, I am pretty certain that I have made seven or eight fabulous and fresh contacts, and the cream on the cake was getting to chat to Ivan McKee, Minister for Trade at Investment and Innovation.

The other events that I attended were similarly productive. I went to a BNI event, a fireside chat with a super successful founder, and the Start-up Race weekly workshop. Overall, the number of names was great and next week is now full of meetings; even the week after is already filling up. Without any work next week, I would hit my targets for the next 14 days, so huge positives to take!

The results for the week are as follows:

LinkedIn requests – Target 30 – Sent 3

LinkedIn connections – Target 15 – Received 72

LinkedIn conversations – Target 15 – Done 35

Networking events – Target 3 – Done 4

Networking names – Target 10 – Done 28

Referrals – Target 4 – Done 2

First meeting attempts to book – Target 20 – Done 23

Booked with networking – Target 2 – Done 6

Booked with LinkedIn – Target 2 – Done 2

Booked with Referrals – Target 2 – Done 2

First meetings sat this week – Target 5 – Done 5

Second meetings sat this week – Target 3 – Done 0

Third meetings sat this week – Target 3 – Done 0

So, to summarise where I am now and the way ahead:

It has been a good week, and I need a small tweak on the model, with the focus on two areas.

  1. The quality of the firsts booked and sat. Founders, CEOs or Partners in companies that want to, or can, scale their sales.
  2. How I engage in the meetings, being patient and following the model.

The numbers are there and I realise that I am being a perfectionist. We all though need to come back to the point that improvement comes from the assessment of the numbers, what they say, and what actions need to be taken on the back of the data.

I finished the week off with a sensational ride through the Pentland Hills. Scotland is the most beautiful country in the world and I am swore to make the most of the incredible scenery while I am here.