Week 7 is officially over! It’s Sunday at 11:06 on the 16th of June 2019 and it’s really starting to work and, what’s best, I know exactly why. I am sat here chilling, got my Sunday papers, and am waiting for Lilian to wake up so that I can cook brunch. It looks like the rain is coming and I am taking a bit of time to reflect on what’s worked, and what has not.

It’s been an interesting week, in truth. I have had the flu and haven’t felt great all week so energy levels have been lower than normal, but in times like these, you simply have to push through. I won’t lie, my trip to Bali in seven days has been a huge motivator this past week.

Saying that, I have been really busy this week with what I call effective meetings. Virtually every single one of them was with people who I should be talking to, almost all were decision makers, and most of them went so well that we are now moving to the next steps.

All is coming together nicely and the reasons why are very clear. This is pivotal to me. Enjoying success but not understanding why it is happening is great in the short-term, but it is almost impossible to maintain momentum if you don’t know what is behind it in the first place. If you know why things are going well and how to cultivate them, you are onto a winner. The metrics show exactly what a great week it has been and why it has gone so well. Let’s simply start with the basic numbers before we run down a quick summary of the ups, downs, and learnings from the week.

My week in numbers: 

Total meetings booked 16.

  • Firsts booked 7.
  • Seconds booked 4.
  • Thirds booked 1.
  • Partnerships booked 3.
  • Networking events booked 1.

Total meetings done 12.

  • Meetings postponed 4.
  • Firsts done 5.
  • Seconds done 3.
  • Thirds done 1.
  • Partnership meetings done 2.
  • Networking events done 1.


  • 7 meetings done with referrals.
  • 11 of the meetings are going to the next meetings.
  • 9 meetings could go to revenue.

All in all, a tremendous week. 

I enjoyed it, the people I met were dynamic, forward thinking, and very much geared around building sales within their respective companies or industries. I have realised the big change is that I am talking to the right people and that the first four weeks, although necessary and busy, were simply the prelude or adjustment phase. These initial weeks allowed me to focus on building out relationships that gave me access to conversations with the decision makers and people with a will to address the areas that drive revenue into their organisations. Seems obvious but it’s not.

Executive summary of the week. 

The big takeaway for me is that in Scotland people have a deep trepidation towards the word ‘sales’. I am surprised at this. I do have to say that, when I first got here, many people warned me of this and I discounted their advice, the cardinal sin. However, it is exactly as they said; it’s a pervasive issue and I am going to make it a mission of mine to change this. Sales are, along with operations and product, one of the most critical parts of any company and, in dismissing it as a dirty part of our business, we are missing the opportunity to scale, achieve stability, and ride out the tough times. Someone said to me that people will find you if you do a good job. This is true; however, they will also look at other competitors around you and that piece of the pie will soon be divided up between all the major players, with you getting your share. The control you have over this process is very limited, as you rely on customers finding you, picking you out amongst a crowd, and a huge element of luck.

The great news in Scotland at the moment is the launch of the new stock exchange. It’s going to be a super exciting thing for Scotland, really helping to put it on the map and push the business-hub brand here. It’s an ethical exchange and the qualification for being part of it is going to depend on how the companies are run. This will put Scotland at the forefront of this particular global shift and we have to keep pushing forward off the back of this. Sometimes, I think that we all get caught up with our day to day worlds and forget to look at the bigger picture.

I was privileged enough to be invited to Project Heather, which is at the core of this movement and many thanks to Michelle for the invite. I was extremely impressed by all the work being done, particularly regarding the impact it will have on the long-term. After all, long-term goals are what bring consistent success and change in this world. Too many of us fixate on short-term aspirations and wealth. Unfortunately, if you fail to prepare for the future, you must prepare to fail in said future.

I am now slipping into week eight of my trip here in Scotland, the final week! The results so far have been absolutely incredible on so many levels, from immersing myself as a salesperson with no contacts, seeing what I am capable of doing, understanding what it’s like to start again, spending time in my home country, and seeing the vast potential, to spending time with my beloved daughter Lilian and getting to know her better. It has been a rewarding trip with regards to my business knowledge and growth, but also one of the most important life experiences I will ever have. It just goes to show what can be achieved when you remove yourself from your comfort zone and push new boundaries. Fear is our greatest enemy; determination is our greatest friend.

Next week is the final week. It still feels strange to type that. I have four days left and then I am off and it all comes down to following up and following through on my next steps.

Exciting times ahead.

Launch of project Heather, New Stock exchange at the Scottish Parliament