I’m back in sunny Singapore and loving every minute of it. It’s been vastly different to life in Scotland, I do miss it, but it’s really great to be home with the family, back in an environment I know and love. I’m now raring to go! The first week in my home turf is over and it has been full-on, to say the least. I am now in my office writing this, no more glamorous settings, and certainly no train journeys across Scotland. Normality is setting in and that’s great.

The key for me here, as with my last blog, is to focus on two things:

  1. Follow up diligently from Scotland
  2. Build up my pipeline again in Singapore

This may seem simple, and frankly, it is. I have been getting stuck into the process over the last week, following up on the leads and relationships I built in the UK while building up my pre-existing Singapore network. 

As always, let’s look at the metrics and see how did the week go?

12 meetings in total booked. From these, 11 meetings sat. 9 meetings from referrals. 3 meetings from networking events. 6 first meetings. 2 second meetings. 3 third meetings. 

The breakdown of the meetings was as follows: 3 follow-ups from Scotland. 9 meetings from Singapore. 

There is a healthy balance between the two and as you can see, the volume of follow-ups and new meetings in Singapore will put me on track for the next two months. It has been important not to prioritize one location over the other, or else I risk letting all that I have built slip away for nothing. The risk is the Sine cure sales issue that all salespeople face some more than others. Scotland and Singapore are my two spinning plates at the moment, and I intend to keep them moving.

All of my meetings this week were high-quality meetings, all are going to the next steps, and all are looking strong.

So, what are my take always from this week?

1. We made sure we followed up diligently on our nurture tasks.

2. We had clear data and information easily at hand that we could action. The CRM has been critical for us on this.

3. We allocated time to booking the meetings in, even though it was the first week back after Bali.

4. The touchpoint model is critical for all leads and the pipeline, which is a clearly defined process for all leads as they travel through the stages.

5. A big focus on an optimized diary was critical.

6. Fortunately, I have learned and am strictly following the meeting’s protocol. Not talking too much is the main one.

The team were highly effective and credit where credit is due, without Monica and Gan I would be in deep trouble. They are the engines that keep things moving, I would have stalled long ago if they were not doing what they do in such an efficient way. Our methods of storing data and the benefits gained from this is important and this is the glue that holds everything together. As a result, my diary was as it has been for 9 weeks well balanced and healthy. I had 12 meetings, which is an optimum level for me as it lets me see clients, do my projects, and it allows me to create content. As soon as I step into 15 or 20 meetings, I struggle to do the other two things well and consistently.

So, in summary:

I am really happy to be back! The long-term journey is just beginning. This week was awesome and next week is looking great too. I already have 12 meetings in the diary and the pipeline is looking extremely healthy.

Onwards and upwards!

Out on a bike ride with good friend Cas Brentjens. You can just see Malaysia in the background.

Fraser and Cas Brentjens Cycling in Singapore