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What makes us different is we work with clients to utilize their sales team to their potential and teach managers to understand how good the talent of their team is by using analytics and bespoke training methodologies.

What people say about 1000Steps

“1000Steps training program has increased our Team’s performance 10 folds, by identifying metrics as well as key factors to implement. An asset in any organization that Sales Teams should engage with to give a boost to their numbers!”
Omar Luchetti
Omar LuchettiSales Director – Vietnam at ATALIAN
“During the time of the course we have set up an online statistics system which enables our employees to register their weekly activity. This then provides essential MI for line managers to train and manage their staff and for myself and the CEO to get a clear indication of what is happening in the business globally.
Our staff participated in an online training session once a week. This has enabled us to provide specific tailored training across all offices. The last training focused on increasing the number of referrals our wealth managers received on their meetings. During this period we saw a 53% increase on the number of referrals achieved on initial meetings and a 28% increase on those achieved with existing clients”
Scott Balsdon
Scott BalsdonDirector at International Business Consultancy
“The 1000Steps course has provided invaluable guidance to our sales team and helped grow our startup business in a short amount of time. Brainstorming and discussing ideas was insightful, it allowed us to create a customised workflow that worked well within our business.”
Nitish Mantri
Nitish MantriHead of Solutions at Dexecure
“After 10+ years of sales, marketing & account management experience in a range of industries and attending countless sales training courses/seminars, I thought I had seen it all. But the course at 1000 Steps is the first and only one that has seamlessly incorporated multiple disciplines into a logical, sequential and interactive framework that is practical to adopt.”
Aaron Leach
Aaron LeacheCommerce Solution Specialist at OSE
“We initially engaged with 1000Steps as our startup had grown significantly over the last two years, this created the need to transition from a founder-led sales model to a more scalable global model. With 1000Steps help, we were able to build and train a new sales team with the strategy and measurement metrics in place to achieve long term growth. I would recommend the course for anyone looking to define a repeatable and scalable sales model. The course is suitable for the management of an organisation or startup, for individual sales staff, and for full sales teams to build out a new metric-driven sales strategy.”
Mark Painter
Mark PainterChief Commercial Operations Officer | Investor | CFA, MBA, FRM

Our Academic Foundation

1000Steps uses proven best practices in pedagogy so that learning outcomes are effectively achieved. Three of these include deep learning, active engagement and constructive alignment. Fry et al distinguish between the approaches of deep and surface learning, where the former leads “students to attempt to relate concepts to existing understanding and to each other, to differentiate between new ideas and existing knowledge, and to critically evaluate and determine key themes and concepts”, and the latter which “makes no distinction between new ideas and existing knowledge” (Fry et al, 2009, p. 11). In order for deep learning to occur, the learner experiences a critical shift in thinking and this in turn facilitates behavioural change. Active engagement is the key strategy used within the 1000Steps training programme to enable deep learning to take place – learners are constantly tasked to situate their prior knowledge within new and successful paradigms of thinking, then to apply the new knowledge to their current context and finally to take ownership of what they have learnt in creating their way forward. Underlying the modules in 1000Steps is constructive alignment (Biggs, 2012), where each segment of the module is efficiently curated to move the learner towards the desired outcome. In addition to meeting learning outcomes, constructive alignment makes for a very good use of time.   References: Biggs, J. (2012). What the student does: Teaching for enhanced learning. Higher EducationResearch & Development, 31(1), 39-55. doi:10.1080/07294360.2012.642839 Fry, H., Ketteridge, S., & Marshall, S. (2009). A handbook for teaching and learning inhigher education: Enhancing academic practice (3rd ed.). New York;London;:Routledge.
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What makes us different is we work with clients to utilize their sales team to their potential and teach managers to understand how good the talent of their team is by using analytics and bespoke training methodologies.

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