100% Money Back Guarantee

We believe we should be accountable for the quality of what we deliver. Our model is based around outcomes and behavioral change and sometimes isn’t for everyone.   We offer a full refund if you decide after the first two sessions that the course isn’t for you for your peace of mind. 


1200 Satisfied Corporate Customers

After 1000 Steps training I have 1400 new senior connections on LinkedIn, 6 potentially huge projects ongoing and multiple other qualified leads. Plus 4 new accounts opened in the last week.

Ray Black, Sales Director at Talent Recruitment Software

“Delighted to be part of the program Fraser. As you know, I found it to be very useful and as a direct result I am working on 3 or 4 opportunities derived from this. You’ve changed the way I operate.”

Graham McWilliam, Managing Director at Glencraft

Our Corporate Clients

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11 Weeks is a long time, discover how the 1000Steps Sales Academy is different from every other sales program and how we can supercharge your sales process with ethical sales processes. Book a Zoom meeting with your instructor today for more information.