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Business Development in Professional Services, Software, Engineering, Startup and Scaleup

Rebuild your business development model to work in the modern world

The old models of selling have changed. You have stepped into a collaborative world where technology allows us to engage virtually, consistently and on a world stage. There are now no international boundaries and growth is at your fingertips.

The digital business development process now has a team that love CRM, that embrace LinkedIn, that use Zoom and Teams to great effect and draw their clients into this world by example and by helping them to adapt.

four key fundamentals to a successful business development model in Consulting, Software, Engineering and startup’s

Just recruiting a team and expecting them to go and develop revenue is a recipe for failure, as is leaving your existing team with no clear model and path. The most common issue we see is a lack of written down process and model that all manage through and are trained on. 


A clear lead generation process, made up of Inbound, Outbound and Account based marketing


Each type of meeting has to have a structure and clear outcomes around it


The use of digital for meetings and engagements must be exemplary


CRM is used and loved by all

Our process for building your model

When we are building a sales model for a client we follow a clear cut process. We start by looking at the existing model, the teams, the data, your pipeline and how your existing BD management model looks. From here we step into a set of workshops that last usually for about 4 to 6 weeks, with one to five people, where we pull down a deeper breakdown of the structure of your BD and start to delineate the processes and layout the model that you will use going forward. We do this building the flow in Lucid and bring it back to a deck where each of the parts is laid out clearly and then allows your team to understand their roles, what the model looks like, who does what and each of the key parts of the process. We then step into the build and execution of the implementation of the new models. Some of the topics we  address during this process are:

Accurate and well categorised database in CRM

A clear model for managing Inbound Leads

An Account Based Marketing model

An Outbound Marketing model

Thought leadership driven around lead generation and nurture model

A process for nurturing all leads

Flow of booking meetings

Clear introductory and review meeting process

Gates clearly laid out during the discovery process

Collaboration process with clients post discovery

Proposal model

Negotiation process

Onboarding a new client

Existing client servicing model

Importance of CRM and why?

Moving forward the CRM should start with the Data being clean and most importantly accessible. From here building out the use cases for the CRM is critical, what do we want the teams to do with CRM, how do they use it on a daily basis and how this will help them do what the do better and more efficiently. 

From here managers need to learn how to manage through the CRM, reviewing the quality of data, reviewing the dashboard and understanding what they should be measuring and managing. 

Ongoing implementation!

As with all Professional Services and Software builds, the key is not only the build but the implementation. This as we all know is often left as a minor part of the process but for us is at the heart of success. Successful implementation comes from the defining of the model, being Sales Person centric, building a sound method of training the teams and managers, following up consistently and having quantitive data around the success of the implementation.


“You’ve changed the way I operate.”

Delighted to be part of the program Fraser. As you know, I found it to be very useful and as a direct result I am working on 3 or 4 opportunities derived from this. You’ve changed the way I operate.




Model Building

Building a working model is the start point of all BD optimisation. Without a model you cannot measure anything and thus refining the model is not really possible. 

CRM Mastery

At the heart of all BD teams is a healthy CRM loved by all. A healthy CRM has 1. Quality data 2. Works for BD 3. Is used by management daily 4. Makes sense to all 5. Is Agile



Training is the only we our teams improve and stay on track. It is not possible to do it any other way. Our seccess then is dependant on the quality of the content and quality of the delivery.

BD optimisation

No matter what you are doing there should be a constant refinement of your model. BD is not different and the constant improvement to your team will be your biggest revenue driver

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