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It’s Time to Fully Optimize CRM

There’s been ONE recurring, burning question we’ve been asked over the last year by companies throughout the METS sector:

 ”Can you help us with CRM?”

The exciting news is that we now can. Having a CRM solution that your team loves, that supports their work and allows you to efficiently scale is a crucial ingredient for profitable growth

A well-engaged CRM solution is critical to efficiently grow your sales revenue. Without it, your sales performance cannot be effectively managed and controlled, and you’ll never really know why you’re failing.

Now is the time to build the right CRM system and set yourself up for 2022.

The last couple of years have been tough for many of us, but the future is looking brighter for those ready to take advantage. In 6-8 weeks, we can have you up and running, with a solid, customised CRM solution. Your team will be trained, and you’ll have a follow up model to support user adoption, with clean data and an actionable management dashboard.

Secure Data Storage

Planning & Time-Management


Pipeline management

Today, companies within the Australian METS sector are facing one of two problems:

Either they don’t have a CRM solution, or they are not getting value from the system they are using.

In fact, we’ve learned that the majority of companies in the METS sector, regardless of location, do not have access to a CRM*. Many don’t know where or how to start. And pricing is typically an obstacle.

“Many are still only using spreadsheet lists. They don’t see the value in using an active and accurate CRM.”

“40% have some form of CRM or use Excel. 60% do not. Of the first 40%, about 30% swear by the importance of following up their sales performance.”
Resource Industry Network.

“Simplistic use of sales metrics. Limited use of CRM. Often CRM is not considered high enough priority – they’re unsure where to go for the right solution.”
AusIndusty Entrepreneurs Program

Because the METS sector faces one of these two CRM-related problems, we’ve created two options to suit each problem…


Option 1

For those with no CRM solution or who are considering changing CRM to a lower cost solution.

Option 2

For those committed to their existing CRM solution but who require assistance to maximize the potential benefits.




Option 1: We will work with you to get your database in order, build out your sales processes, define the fields you need in the CRM, pull the data into system and coach and train the teams to use CRM in the right way. We’ll then help you to reinforce the use of the system in line with the new processes in order to support the right behaviours with each of the different user groups. Within 6-8 weeks, your business will be transformed

Option 1

Cobalt Package (1-5 Users) – $5,500*

Iron Package (6-14 Users) – $11,000*

Nickel Package (15+ Users) – $22,000*

For those with no CRM solution or who are considering changing CRM to a lower cost solution.

Packages include:
Full technical implementation
Integration with IT systems
Connects all users, including mobile devices
Free helpdesk during implementation

Comprehensive online training program
Build database
Secure processes
Field customisation
Build dashboard
Data transfer
Ongoing data entry

No lock-in contracts
Monthly licence fee around $9.50 per user (Euro 5.90)

Option 2: Or for those already with a CRM, we offer a bespoke analysis of your existing solution, with three packages for a customised redesign and rebuild.

We will undertake a deep analysis of your existing CRM solution. We’ll look at the data in the system, including the fields, and processes you follow. We’ll review user adoption and the effectiveness of the dashboards for managing performance. Our audit will provide a series of recommendations on how to radically improve and move forward with your current solution.

Option 2

Coal Package (<10 users) – $5,500*

Bauxite Package (10-30 users) – $11,000*

Uraninite Package (30+ Users) – $22,000*

Findings, conclusions, and recommendations report
Data quality analysis
Sales performance dashboard
User engagement and skills review
Management engagement and skills review
Use of CRM to deliver objective performance feedback
Lead generation and sales process optimisation
Pipeline management
IT system interface
Process alignment
Customer experience / account management

(Implementation project management on request)
*Packages and pricing subject to final scope. Excludes GST.

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