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Enhance Efficiency and Productivity through Aligned CRM Strategies

Properly aligned CRM solutions assist management and control of sales performance.

At 1000Steps, we recognize the crucial importance of effective CRM Solutions in driving business success. With our expertise in CRM optimization, we empower organizations to utilize their full sales potential and achieve results in customer relationship management.

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The Problem

We often hear from our new clients that they know that CRM is important, but they don’t know how to achieve a satisfactory return on their CRM investment.

Many organizations, especially small-to-mid-sized businesses, lack an effective CRM or struggle with its limited value. It is common for companies to turn to the IT team, but this won’t work, as the problem rarely lies within IT (the “system”), but rather is due to process failings.

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The Consequences

We commonly hear the phrase, “rubbish in, rubbish out” applied to CRM. Essentially, the data going in is incomplete and inadequate. So the CRM system does not provide any diagnostic assistance to support problem identification and the targeting of correction actions. So management cannot solve performance problems, nor forecast accurately. Thankfully these problems are solvable.

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The 1000Steps Solution

An effectively aligned CRM solution that integrates with the sales process.

CRM Alignment

Aligning CRM refers to ensuring the fields and dashboards within your CRM solution are consistent with the steps within your sales process.

Sales Engagement

Thus, your sales people engage with CRM during the sales process and this compliance secures the right data is entered at the right time. As a direct consequence of this alignment, the information coming out is timely, accurate and insightful.

Improved Management

Management is now better equipped to control and forecast the work being in done in the lead generation and sales processes.

How 1000Steps Provides:

CRM Solution Support

  • These consulting services are usually delivered through guided workshops with key team members.
  • For those currently without a CRM, we can implement a solution of your choice, and ensure that it is fully aligned with your processes. Or, if you already have a CRM solution, but you’re struggling with engagement, we can help you align it to your processes and secure compliance and engagement. We will help you to develop customised Business Rules, so that your opportunity pipeline follows a clear series of stages that the whole business can understand and support.
  • In addition, we will work with your teams to extract all your customer data from its various locations, and to clean and rebuild this data so it is accurate and complete.

Additional CRM solution support is available upon request.


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