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CRM is at the heart of success of a Business development team. What makes Salesbox different?

Salesbox CRM is built for sales-people from the ground up. It is designed to help you focus on what matters now and for the future. With smart and flexible pipelines that remind you for the next call, email or action that is going to win the business.

Effortlessly track all your communications in one place. Use your time more effectively with smarter support throughout the customers journey, from prospecting to maintaining relationships.

Know your numbers

Achieve more for less with Salesbox CRM for Professional Services, Software, Startup and Scale-ups

Salesbox CRM for SME comes pre-packaged with industry templates, offering you industry-specific categories, processes and product lists – out of the box. Get going faster with Salesbox CRM industry templates. You can, of course quickly customise Salesbox CRM to fit any business or industry with our self-assembly customisation.

Back to basics

The best CRM for SME connects your favourite communication tools so you can focus on prospects and customer without distraction. Automatically make and tracks calls, dials, chats and meetings from your mobile and Microsoft Teams.  Leave Salesbox to track sent/received emails and messages so you focus on what matters – your customer.

01.   Select

Let us do what we are good at and you do what you excel at. We will develop your teams in a sound pedagogical manner that your teams will love and embrace, allowing them to enjoy and grow in a manner that is fitting for one of the most interesting and toughest careers that anyone can choose. 

02.   Build

Benefit from the range of Add-Ons that integrate with your productivity and communication tools. You have the freedom to subscribe to the integrations you need and want. From here, sign up to the 1000Steps SalesBox model build program

03.   Implement

Once you have built your model, implementing has never been easy. 1000Steps will take your teams through an onboarding program that gets them using SalesBox the right way and in line with a solid sales process.

04.   Develop

Once your SalesBox CRM is up and running, constant development of how you use it is always going to be a requirement. You will find that there are more ways to optimise, will want to use the dashboard in different ways and building this out over time will be critical. At a 1000Steps we run regular programs around the use of dashboards for senior management and how to bring out the best in their sales people. 


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