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At 1000Steps we believe that exceptional sales performance is inherent in exceptional salespeople, and that any person can become an exceptional producer of sales in any market, and at any time….they just need the skills, the knowledge and a disciplined mindset.
Training for us is not a ‘quick fix’ or a ‘one-off’ it is a process of learning, understanding and doing repeatedly over time; built layer by layer. Possessing “The gift of the gab” or “mountains of charisma” are proven to be secondary in importance to having terrific listening skills, great questioning skills and a religious devotion to being organised and being personally accountable to metrics.

“1000Steps training program has increased our Team’s performance 10 folds, by identifying metrics as well as key factors to implement. An asset in any organization that Sales Teams should engage with to give a boost to their numbers! ”

Omar Luchetti
Sales Director – Vietnam at ATALIAN

Lead Generation & Appointment Booking

Probably the hardest part of the sales process. There are three parts to good lead generation. Inbound, outbound and existing clients. Clearly we don’t deal with inbound as this is all about traditional & social media etc.
What we do is specialise in helping you build an effective and scaleable model to drive unlimited leads into your outbound model. This is a lead generation framework which leverages on the things you want to do, meaning no cold calling unless you want to do it!

“Our staff participated in an online training session once a week. This has enabled us to provide specific tailored training across all offices. The last training focused on increasing the number of referrals our wealth managers received on their meetings. During this period we saw a 53% increase on the number of referrals achieved on initial meetings and a 28% increase on those achieved with existing clients”.

Scott Balsdon
Director at International Business Consultancy

Meetings Structure & Sequence

Meetings are critical, because once secured they cannot be squandered. Every meeting has a process, a rhythm and a objective, and at all times you must know where you are supposed to be and where you need to be next. Meetings with clients are the forum we get to demonstrate our capabilities, justify our credibility and to show that we have listened and understand what our client wants to do. They allow us to lay foundations for trust to take root and for business to naturally lead to next steps.
Our belief is that sales is a framework to facilitate a dialog of discovery with our clients at their pace and the meeting process allows us to do just that. The net result of this is trust, mutual understanding and a natural progression to next steps.

“The 1000Steps course has provided invaluable guidance to our sales team and helped grow our startup business in a short amount of time.
Brainstorming and discussing ideas was insightful, it allowed us to create a customised workflow that worked well within our business”.

Nitish Mantri
Head of Solutions at Dexecure

Organisation & Time Management

Time management is critical in sales success. it’s one of the pillars of sales that gets left behind. Only 30% of a typical salesperson’s capacity is spent on sales related activities. Lack of structure, focus and process is at the heart of this problem.
Amazingly, our model demonstrates that less is more and our goals is to take a sales person and make their life easy. Why do what takes five day in five days when you can do it better in one?

“After 10+ years of sales, marketing & account management experience in a range of industries and attending countless sales training courses/seminars, I thought I had seen it all. But the course at 1000 Steps is the first and only one that has seamlessly incorporated multiple disciplines into a logical, sequential and interactive framework that is practical to adopt”.

Aaron Leach
eCommerce Solution Specialist at OSE

CRM & Metrics

A working CRM system is at the heart of all sales processes. There are two reasons behind this:
1. CRM should support the sales team by making their life easier, keeping them on track and giving them visibility into how activity is progressing.
2. CRM should give the sales team clear metrics on what works and what does not because selling is a science not an art.
The myth that sales is an art does not stand up. Selling is about process, authenticity, quality of product, understanding your client. This can all be monitored in CRM, provided you know what you need to monitor.

“We initially engaged with 1000Steps as our startup had grown significantly over the last 2 years, this created the need to transition from a founder-led sales model to a more scalable global model. With 1000Steps help, we were able to build and train a new sales team with the strategy and measurement metrics in place to achieve long term growth.
I would recommend the course for anyone looking to define a repeatable and scalable sales model. The course is suitable for the management of an organisation or startup, for individual sales staff, and for full sales teams to build out a new metric-driven sales strategy”

Mark Painter
Chief Commercial Operations Officer | Investor | CFA, MBA, FRM

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