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A steady and reliable flow of leads is essential to keep the sales pipeline full.

At 1000Steps, we recognize the importance of a robust lead generation and business development strategy in fueling business growth. With our specialized knowledge in sales optimization, we empower organizations to harness their full sales potential and achieve extraordinary outcomes.

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The Problem

We often hear from our new clients that they are not effective at business development and simply don’t generate enough leads. As a result, their sales pipeline is continuously under-filled. The fact is that not many sales people are good at lead generation. It takes time to do it properly, and the reality will be that most of what you do will not actually generate a measurably positive outcome.

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The Consequences

A weak and inconsistent supply of new leads will depress your sales pipeline, hindering growth opportunities and limiting your sales team’s potential, ultimately leading to decreased revenue and missed expansion possibilities; in addition, salespeople may become disillusioned and demotivated, while your sales performance becomes overly reliant on existing clients.

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The 1000Steps Solution

Driving your business forward with an efficient and productive Lead Generation engine.

A steady and reliable flow of leads from your desired target customer segments is necessary to keep the sales pipeline full of opportunities. Leads can come from a variety of sources. These are broadly separated into in-bound and out-bound sources.

In-bound Lead Generation

In-bound means that leads come to you. These may be through marketing campaigns that drive leads through your website, phone or other channels. Of course, this approach can become expensive.

Out-bound Lead Generation

Out-bound sources of leads include attending conferences and events, seeking referrals, and directly approaching clients and prospects through face to face or virtual channels e.g. LinkedIn. Out-bound requires sophisticated skill-sets, and with emerging technology can be highly cost-effective.

Lead Nurturing and Conversion

Critical to success is the ability to effectively source and nurture leads, ultimately converting them into sales meetings. Lead generation can be accelerated by the development of partner networks and building integrated BD solutions that maximise your market presence.

How 1000Steps Delivers:

Outsourced Lead-Gen and BD Models

  • Our outsourced BD models offer a highly cost-effective approach to identify and nurture leads from your target customer segments.
  • Choose between Accelerator+ that allows you to connect with hundreds of persona from your target customer segments every week, and Precision+ that allows you to target a select group of people any where in the world.
  • Our team will support your business from the inside, and do all the heavy lifting. All you have to do is convert the leads we generate on your behalf.

Additional support through strategic consultation is available on request.

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