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It’s Time to Fully Optimize LinkedIn

Building Brand, Partnerships, Networks and Revenue has Never Been Easier.

LinkedIn is one of the most critical tools you can use to build your business & career in 2021. Mastering it is a core component of your and your companies success.

Our course will allow you to understand how use LinkedIn; how to become a Thought Leader in your community; and how to build a sustainable model that works for you and your team.

LinkedIn for leaders APRIL ’21

5 sessions – £90 / $150 singapore

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free profile build session

This optional session will focus on the most basic, but critical, aspect of LinkedIn: your profile.
Live Friday, April 9th

9 – 11AM UK // 4 – 6PM Singapore

01. thought leadership

This session focuses on how to create engaging & relative content.
Live Monday, April 12th

9 – 11AM UK // 4PM – 6PM Singapore

02. Linkedin tools

This session will explore LinkedIn’s technical tools & algorithms.
Live Wednesday, April 14th

9 – 11AM UK // 4 – 6PM Singapore


03. model build

The final session will consist of building out your new LinkedIn model.
Live Monday, April 19th

9 – 11AM UK // 4 – 6PM Singapore


04. follow up power hour

Power Hours are 1-hour peer-to-peer collaborative sessions for everyone
Live Monday, April 26th

9 – 10AM UK // 4 – 5PM Singapore

05. follow up power hour

Power Hours are 1-hour peer-to-peer collaborative sessions for everyone
Live Monday, May 3rd

9 – 10AM UK // 4PM – 5PM Singapore

“…reaching out, collaborating, personal thought leadership, driving meetings and stepping into sales cycles has never been easier.”

Now is the time that you should be reaching out and building a solid outbound lead generation model.

We should be using LinkedIn to  strategically building up relationships with the right people, within your target market place and target persona and nurturing them on an ongoing basis.

Core things you can use LinkedIn for;

Researching your target market; creating a personal brand; building up your lead generation and contacts; creating groups; sharing company content; nurturing both your current clients and prospects; booking meetings.

Why is LinkedIn not quite working for me?

Whether you are a Partner in a PS firm, a CEO of an SME, Marketing manager in a variety of industries, a Founder or  involved in Sales as a manager or representative, most come to us saying the same thing. LinkedIn is amazing but it’s just not working for me. There are a variety of reasons why

  1. No model 
  2. Don’t understand the subtleties of the system
  3. No one to show you how
  4. No path to optimisation 

LinkedIn Allows You to Build a Strong Network Which is Critical to Success in the current Economy

Over the past year, LinkedIn has transformed into a global networking tool; you are able to connect with virtually anyone anywhere in the world. More than 70% of white-collar workers and 700 million-plus people have LinkedIn accounts and if you are not building yours, you’re missing the boat. 

The key now, as you move forward, is to build your database in one centralised place where your contacts all sit, that gives you access to them at the touch of your fingertips, to see what they are doing, when they are doing it and have the ability to reach out and engage.

Pulling this database together is stage one and the toughest part of what we will do with you.


“The key areas of focus you need to develop are: Internal, External…”

Internally you can engage with your managers, colleagues, and individuals from all departments. By being active on LinkedIn you will, in turn, have direct interaction with the right internal people with many benefits.

Externally LinkedIn is a great tool to engage with your current clients and your global network. Communication with your audience is critical now and LinkedIn allows you to do this in a targeted and systematic way.

Build Your Personal and Corporate Brand

We all have parts of the business that we are passionate and a subject matter expert on.  LinkedIn can help on this journey of sharing that knowledge, by allowing you to share content, plant seeds, build ideas, create collaboration, and promote change. 

Can LinkedIn Set Me up for Unpredictable Times?

We do not know what is around the corner. The last year has shown this. What LinkedIn does though thats invaluable is it allows you to build your database and ability to interact. This is priceless and optimising it will always, if done right, be extremely valuable in all situations. 

“…know how to use LinkedIn and understand its subtleties.”

Using LinkedIn model in the most effective way, it is critical to embed the best practice for your future business. 

Whether you’re: in Professional services, an SME, a Startup or Enterprise…

You absolutely must: Have the right LinkedIn model for you, that allows you and your team to build the right contacts, nurture the right relationships and let the world know what you think as a thought leader whilst allowing the world to interact with you. 

Virtual or Live on Tuesday 23rd of February 10AM – 12PM UK; 6PM – 8 PM Singapore; 8PM – 10PM AEST

Expected Outcomes:

Use LinkedIn to the optimum with the time you have available

Build and coach best practice for your teams

Write an article/white paper

Write multiple engaging posts

Build and collate the your contacts

Create a group and manage it

Run an event though LinkedIn

Profile building

Understand LinkedIn Navigator

Have great conversations with anyone

Nurture the right contacts


Thought leadership

Manage your database

Build your personal and company brand.

Course Outline

Course begins October 29th

Optional Pre-Session: Profile Build

In this session, we will focus on the most basic, but most important, aspect of LinkedIn: your profile and how you converse with people in a human fashion, not cut and past. In 2020 your LinkedIn profile is almost equivalent to your CV, so profile aesthetics, content, & completion is critical to show off your strengthens.

Live on Friday April 9th: 9 – 11AM UK // 4 – 6PM Sing

Session 1: Content Creation and Thought Leadership

In this session, we will discuss how to create relative & engaging content for your LinkedIn audience. We will also talk about the importance of sharing, commenting, & liking other people’s content. We finish this session with you strategising how you will use LinkedIn as a branding tool and what your face will look like on the platform. 

Live on Monday April 12th: 9 – 11AM UK // 4 – 6PM Sing

Session 2: LinkedIn Tools and Algorithms

This session will go through the technical tools and algorithms – basic & complex – LinkedIn has to offer. These tools range from an Event organisation tool, Groups, Group chats, LinkedIn Premium, & Sales Navigator, Live streaming, Lists, Search and many others. LinkedIn is changing constantly & understanding these tools well will help you keep your model consistent.

Live on Wednesday April 14th: 9 – 11AM UK // 4 – 6PM Sing

Session 3: Model Build

The final session will be building out your new LinkedIn model. By this time, we will have a clear idea of what your profile should look like; types of content you should be creating, and liking; and the different tools that are available for you to enhance your LinkedIn use. With knowledge in all 3 of these areas, you are fully equipped to build out a successful LinkedIn model tailored specifically to you.


Live on Monday April 19th: 9 – 11AM UK // 4 – 6PM Sing

Session Follow Up Power Hours x 2 weeks

Power Hours are a 1-hour peer to peer, collaborative session for everyone to come together to review & discuss the information covered in the course. Benefits of these power hours include not only one-on-one questions & feedback with Fraser but more importantly peer-to-peer learning. We believe learning from each other is crucial in order to gain more perspective & insight for your future business.

Monday April 26th: 9 – 10AM UK // 4 – 5PM Sing

Monday May 3rd: 9 – 10AM UK // 4 – 5PM Sing

Go digital

Get the most out of Linkedin

LinkedIn is your brand and engaging correctly on the platform has never been more important

Some of Our Corporate Clients


1200 Plus Satisfied Corporate Customers

After 1000 Steps training I have 1400 new senior connections on LinkedIn, 6 potentially huge projects ongoing and multiple other qualified leads. Plus 4 new accounts opened in the last week.

Ray Black, Sales Director at Talent Recruitment Software

“Delighted to be part of the program Fraser. As you know, I found it to be very useful and as a direct result I am working on 3 or 4 opportunities derived from this. You’ve changed the way I operate.”

Graham McWilliam, Managing Director at Glencraft

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