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Build meaningful relationships that last longer and builds trust.

Effectively utilize tools of the digital age to create positive sales outcomes from your client meetings.

10 years of change for sales people in less than 12 months. Virtual meeting platforms, collaboration tools, smarter clients, more effective time management and better quality of lead generation is the future.


Zoom, Teams, Google and many other technologies, in combination with face to face meetings, if used properly at the right pace for clients, will allow you to manage your pipelines in a much more strategic way.

In this new world how do you maximise sales meeting outcomes in an effective, manageable and sustainable manner?

In this course, we break down meetings for you.

Learn about blended sales meetings, digital and face to face, how they work and how to get them working fluidly for you. Systemise your sales meetings model, ultimately managing your pipeline more effectively than has ever been possible.  

How do you run a digital meeting using the right tools

Discovery meetings and understanding your clients

Introductory meetings and their importance

Proposal modelling and stepping into negotiation

Ever ask yourself…

Getting the pace and flow of my meetings right, how do I do this?

Five outcomes that we guarantee?

Shorten the length of your sales process

Step into negotiation the right way

Have clear gates for the steps of your sale

Understand how to get to discovery when you want to

Create a collaborative relationship with the client


Next Course of 2022 5th April

Time: 4-6pm [SGT], 9-11am [UK]

Session one - Introductory meetings

Start your journey on building your structure that rotates around your first meeting. Learn how to

1. Do research 2. Build rapport, 3. Introduce your self

Building your introduction and getting the pace right. Seems simple? But it’s not.

9 – 11AM UK // 4 – 6PM Singapore

Session two - Introductory meetings

Leading into the second part of first meetings, which covers:

1. Building a bank of soft questions 2. Your presentation 3. How to summarise 4. How to book the next meeting

Finishing off the structure so that you lead to the right next step

9 – 11AM UK // 4 – 6PM Singapore

Discovery meetings

Discovery is at the heart of getting sales right. In these sessions we look at the following areas.

1. The flow and pace of a discovery meeting/s. 2. Build a bank of discovery questions 3. Explore 4 techniques for active listening

9 – 11AM UK // 4 – 6PM Singapore

Session 4 - Discovery meetings

We start with a peer-review of your discovery questions, looking at the quality, the flow and how effective they are, followed by:

1. Review questioning techniques 2. Look at the concept of active listening 3. Step into a series of role plays that WILL show you how poor your listening skills are and give you techniques to improve them.

9 – 11AM UK // 4 – 6PM Singapore

Session five - Collaboration and Proposal Meetings

Building your collaboration process, taking you from discovery into collaboration followed by proposal. The big question here is how do we take the client from first meeting, to discovery, collaborate and submit proposal that makes sense 

1. Collaboration meetings 2. Workshops 3. Demos 4. Proposal building. 5 Proposal meeetings and their flow


9 – 11AM UK // 4 – 6PM Singapore

Follow-Up Power Hours

Power Hours are 1-hour peer-to-peer collaborative sessions for everyone. In these sessions you get to ask questions, share whats working and whats not. Peer to peer learning is as effective as the classrooms and will help you understand the challenges others face, what good looks like for your peers and many other benefits that come from these sessions. 

9 -10AM UK // 4 – 5PM Singapore

Discover How Having a Clear Meetings Model Will Support Your Pipeline

Pipeline management is one of the biggest challenges today’s salespeople face

The 3 pillars we focus on include:

Introductory meetings

Three introductory meetings.

1. You have never met the prospect

2. Where you have met and are meeting other team members

3. Where you have met, there was not potential.

They are all different but come back to one centralised theme. How do you navigate the meeting, without being pitchy, taking them on a journey so that the right next steps take place.


Discovery and its flow

At the heart of a good sales process is the lost skill of the discovery meeting. We all get so excited about our product that we forget to think about the journey that the client is on. Discovery is the critical part of the sales process where you really start to understand your client and most importantly the client starts thinking about their challenges and how they can solve them.

A good discovery with the right people is the beating heart of a sales process.

Collaboration Meetings

Our goal in a sales process is to collaborate with our clients, both parties discussing needs and sharing opinions, working out the best solutions.

They come in many forms. Ranging from a basic meeting, a workshop, a brain storming session or a tailored demo, which all come back to the discovery process. These sessions done well create an interactive relationship where the client tells you what they want. 


Building your CRM pipeline model

CRM holds your pipeline model

Ultimately we are all busy and forget what we have done in our various meetings after a few days. Documenting the meetings, having the discovery in one place and managing the pace of the prospect life cycle through CRM is critical.

Companies that use CRM successfully have improved their sales by 29%

By using CRM, customer retention and satisfaction rates increase by 47%.

Conversion rates can rise by up to 300% using CRM.

66% of sales professionals would rather get stuck in traffic than update their CRM data


“…using CRM to manage your pipeline.”

by Todd Kimpton, CRM Guru


1200 Plus Satisfied Corporate Customers

After 1000 Steps training I have 1400 new senior connections on LinkedIn, 6 potentially huge projects ongoing and multiple other qualified leads. Plus 4 new accounts opened in the last week.

Ray Black, Sales Director at Talent Recruitment Software

“Delighted to be part of the program Fraser. As you know, I found it to be very useful and as a direct result I am working on 3 or 4 opportunities derived from this. You’ve changed the way I operate.”

Graham McWilliam, Managing Director at Glencraft

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