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Take Control of Your Lead Generation

drive a consistent flow of contacts into your sales pipeline.

What’s replacing it is a client-centric, thorough, disciplined, hard working and technically knowledgeable individual.

Someone who the client trusts, knows that they are competent and also likes. This change is something that we have to: Recruit for, Train and develop

“…it’s time to activate your salespeople and back-office teams with a proven human-to-human model of outbound lead generation.”

The world has forgotten what outbound lead generation is. In the old days, life as a salesperson rotated around building contacts and cold outreach.

We were then introduced to the internet. The world turned Google dominant; companies became masters of Pay Per Click & content driving traffic into their websites was a new, and more effective of building their pipelines. The beast this created was the over-dependant sales person who has lost the skill of driving their own leads. 

The answer now is for us to consider building a solid outbound lead generation or account based marketing model that allows you to tap into new market places that have not been available to you in the past.

Over Reliance on Inbound Marketing is a war where everyone loses.

The science around client buying journeys is not what we think?

  1. The first thing to consider is that if clients don’t know they have need, they will not be looking for you
  2. Those with a need and searching online are only 3-5% of the market 
  3. Roughly another 7% of the market has a problem, but are not seeking solutions online
  4. Another 30% of the market has problems that could use your solution but are not aware they have an issue or that you exist

What this means is that 37% of the market is available for you to reach out to and engage with. The only way to do this is Outbound/Account based marketing

Tapping into Account Based Marketing is a New Revenue Source?

Outbound lead generation allows your sales reps to directly book meetings in the right companies who fit your target industry, driving meetings with the right people.

Currently, sales people lack strategic outbound lead generation models and have an over-reliance on paid or organic inbound leads.

Supporting your teams and building a process around this, will allow you or your teams to tap into an unlimited source of prospects.



“a lack of clarity on outbound models, leads to an over-reliance on marketing generated inbound leads”

Inbound Lead Generation: Driving customers into your organisation using content creation and content distribution as the key model, creating a consistent flow of inbound leads and prospects. 

Outbound Lead Generation: activating your salespeople, back office teams, and management to systematically reach out and engage with target industries, target companies and target persona’s in a consistent, organised and systematic way.  That goal being that you are front of the clients mind, you drive the prospects on a journey where when the timing is right they will consider stepping into a buying cycle with you. 

Activation Process: A proper training program; building an outbound model; training your teams; creating an outbound lead generation matrix coordinated by both marketing and sales management; effectively managing your CRM; and continuously coaching your teams


“My Lead-Generation Model is a Train Wreck, Where Am I Going Wrong?”

“My sales are okay but I don’t have enough leads coming into my pipeline to scale up my business” is a deeply frustrating concern. 

Reasons for this problem may be:

  1. No outbound lead generation model
  2. Neglecting metrics that sit around your model
  3. Lack of self discipline and company culture
  4. Not motivated
  5. Not having guidance from someone who actually knows

Utopia is being able to talk to the right people, at the right time about the right topics.

How do I Stay Consistent with My Outbound Lead Generation Model?

 This comes back to a few things:

  1. Understanding your model
  2. Managing your time effectively
  3. Tracking your metrics
  4. Self-discipline and a corporate culture that supports you

    The reality is: all good salespeople drive leads, usually through referrals. One of the core reasons they’re so good at selling is because they naturally build out this model.


    “…know how to use LinkedIn and understand its subtleties.”

    LinkedIn as a lead generation tool is a must to master. Once you have the right framework, following through, consistently fine tuning your model, nurturing all contacts, your future will be clear and forecastable. LinkedIn, LinkedIn Navigator and CRM should be at the heart of your process. 

    What are the Benefits of Good Lead Generation?

    Founders: it allows you to scale your business in an affordable manner. Most founders do not have the marketing resource to drive the right traffic into their businesses and the use of outbound lead generation is a great alternative.

    For Sales Management: you will have another channel driving traffic into your pipeline, eliminating the over-reliance on inbound leads. A working model will increase your revenue by a minimum of 30%. 

    For Senior Management: Your success or failure depends on your revenue streams. Outbound lead generation is a free resource that will have a measurable impact on your bottom line. Bringing management, marketing and sales together comes back to your culture around this.

    Sales People: There are a few clear benefits of mastering outbound for sales people. The first is control over the flow and quality of leads coming into your pipeline, the second is that in having control over your volume of leads coming into your pipeline it makes you more confident with your existing prospects, thus less needy and you become more effective in closing and the third is you now own your destiny. You can decide how much you make, how hard you work and what your future holds. 

    Course Outline

    Introduction to Outbound Lead Generation / 2nd week January 2021
    1. Introduction to Lead Generation and how you will build your model
    2. LinkedIn building your profile
    3. LinkedIn building a database
    4. LinkedIn messaging and starting conversations
    5. Metrics that sit around lead generation
    Target markets, Networking, Referrals and managing contacts/ December 2nd
    1. Understanding Referrals and building your framework
    2. Networking in a digital world
    3. Nurturing leads and prospects
    4. Target market and target persona and building your target account lists
    Database Management, CRM and Goal planning / 2nd week January
    1. Building your database. Pulling all your contacts that you have gathered over the years in to a useable database.
    2. CRM and how to optimise it with your database
    3. Content creation and brand for lead generation on LinkedIn
    4. Goal planning and time management
    Building your model, Navigator, Metrics / December 9th
    1. Booking meetings
    2. LinkedIn Navigator
    3. Building your model going forward
    4. Building your metrics model
    Embedding your model
    1. Power hours x 3
    2. Review metrics
    3. Q & A
    4. Peer to peer sharing
    5. Model sharing

    Go digital

    Master Lead Generation

    Establish a solid outbound lead generation model and take back control of your sales pipeline.

    Some of Our Corporate Clients


    1200 Plus Satisfied Corporate Customers

    After 1000 Steps training I have 1400 new senior connections on LinkedIn, 6 potentially huge projects ongoing and multiple other qualified leads. Plus 4 new accounts opened in the last week.

    Ray Black, Sales Director at Talent Recruitment Software

    “Delighted to be part of the program Fraser. As you know, I found it to be very useful and as a direct result I am working on 3 or 4 opportunities derived from this. You’ve changed the way I operate.”

    Graham McWilliam, Managing Director at Glencraft