Sales Meetings In A Digital World

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The next course starts 7th December and will be the last for 2021, the timetable for 2022 will follow.

In this series of sessions, we will build your model for each of the meetings in your sales cycle. The types of meetings we cover are Introductory meetings, Discovery meetings, Collaboration meetings, Proposal meetings and we finish with defining your sales process and looking at how it sits in CRM. Having a well put together sales process allows you to convert more clients, shorten your sales cycle and the negotiation ends up also being less painful.

2 reviews for Sales Meetings In A Digital World

  1. aaron

    Aaron Leach
    Co-Founder and Managing Director at Frollies Fruit

    After 10+ years of sales, marketing & account management experience in a range of industries and attending countless sales training courses/seminars, I thought I had seen it all. But the course that Fraser has crafted at 1000 Steps is the first and only one that has seamlessly incorporated multiple disciplines into a logical, sequential and interactive framework that is practical to adopt.

    His enthusiasm and passion is contagious and his ability to engage with and get participants to collaborate is amazing. But most importantly, he gets results. Measurable, sustainable and replicable results. The Scottish accent is a major bonus too.

    I’d highly recommend Fraser to any organisation looking to drastically improve their sales and foster a company-wide culture of collaborative business development. T

  2. aaron

    Maarten Van Den Bos
    Founder & Director of Bright Forever Consultants / CEO of Bright Digital / CEO of Bright Business / Director EGN Singapore Business Dev

    Having been in Business Development and sales for almost 20 years, you might think you know it all, but after taking several training classes from Fraser it was clear to me there is a lot more to learn.

    I love his systematic approach and turning the whole cycle into a process.

    Strongly recommend to anyone in sales or BDM to connect with Fraser and sample some of his amazing programs.
    Thanks for showing me an amazing new road to follow Fraser and I look forward to a continuous learning journey with you as my guide.

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