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How to listen and ask questions

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Next intake runs on July 1st, 3rd and 7th 2020.
Each session is 2 hours starting at 8am UK, 3pm SG, 5pm AEST

LinkedIn is

Has 660+ million members.
The reported user goal is 3 billion.
61 million of users are senior level.

The majority are not using LinkedIn properly

Of its 660+ million users:
– Only 3 million share content weekly
– Only 1 million have published an article

Companies are making money from it

65% of companies have acquired at least one customer through LinkedIn


Digital transformation was always coming but we were more or less only using digital within our established mental framework. Things have changed, digital is the future. To optimize your personal and corporate future, making the digital transition is going to be at the heart of your success.
The big question is how do you build your business and personal brand within this digital world?

I had a weird experience today. For the first time in 2020 I was introduced to someone who is not on LinkedIn – I was shocked.

Russell Dalgleish, Chair Scottish Business Network


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What can Linkedln do for you…?

Can Linkedin help build your business?

Sending a cut and paste message does not work. 
Getting your PA to do it does not work.
Not sharing content does not work. 
Cold calling on LinkedIn does not work. 

What does work is to strategically building up relationships and brand within your target market and target persona on LinkedIn. This should be done organisation-wide from back office, front office, senior management all the way to the board. As a successful business, we have to have a solid model for outbound lead generation. A critical element of building this up, nurturing and managing it is LinkedIn.

Can LinkedIn help advance your career?

Understanding who we are is the key to all career success. Once you get this, how do you share this and interact with the world? LinkedIn is the only vehicle that lets your personal brand grow. As your career progresses, you build your personal brand to interact with others on your team and management. Remember, LinkedIn aims to have 3 billion people on its current 640 million platform.

Can Linkedin build your network?

Building your network has never been easier or more important. LinkedIn is a networking tool where anyone can connect with anyone. More than 50% of white collar workers have a LinkedIn account, so if you are not building your network then you are missing the boat. LinkedIn is evolving faster than ever and taking advantage of building your bank of contacts is vital. The areas to build this are: 

Internally – Management, HR, your team
Externally – With the relevant and right people 

Can Linkedin set you up in the future?

We do not know what is around the corner. Covid has shown us this in an extreme form, but it’s just an example of changes that face us. One of the most critical tools within change is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is your CV, your brand, a way of sharing knowledge, a bridge to anyone that you want to engage with. To make this work though, you have to have two critical things in place:

– Know how to use LinkedIn and the subtleties of it
Be using it in the most effective way that fits your needs now and the future. What you do now, will be what you have in the future. Embed those best practices now to reap what you sow later.

I think if everyone who took part was totally honest with themselves this all came around Fraser when everyone was having a wobble about the future this helped pull our socks up refocus and not only grow our database but create a unique strong network within the group great effort .
Onwards we go!
Jamie McGowan
Jamie McGowanFounder Essence of Harris, Loomshed Hebrides & Norserv Facilities
Fraser Morrison, Russell Dalgleish Gents; thank you to your team. At a time when I am happy to admit I was struggling with credible lead generation, escalated by the current crisis, the results have been amazing. Unlike traditional training sessions, the interactive follow up with other participants has been invaluable.
Ray Black
Ray BlackeTalent psychometrics identify applicants with soft skills that match your vacancy, company culture and values.
Fraser, Monica & Katharine,
Thank you for running this course, it was a great pleasure to be part of it. It has changed my mindset on how to connect with many more people on LinkedIn without losing the personable touch.
Mark Brennan
Mark BrennanExperienced director. Working backwards from customer needs to build great businesses
Thank you Fraser for involving me in this process, it was truly enlightening. My efforts are ongoing and have opened up at least one significant opportunity with first meetings still being booked…
Gary Puddick
Gary Puddick Senior Account Manager | A single solution for all your business communications & connectivity needs
Amazingly interesting and useful to read your report having been part of the process, it puts a very different perspective from reading studies which you haven’t been actively involved with, that’s a first for me! A great conclusion to many weeks of input. Thanks Fraser!
Vikki Bruce
Vikki BruceMD of MacLean & Bruce, Scotland’s leading whisky-centric luxury travel, forum retreats & bespoke luxury experience specialists.
Transformational Fraser Morrison. Everyone has a goal of some sort but not everyone is successful. Success comes from having a conscious process and working it! You have helped enormously. Thanks.
Dave Stewart
Dave Stewart Creator of bespoke, no-bullshit thinking and development experiences for leaders and teams in amazing Scottish spaces
Delighted to be part of the programme Fraser. As you know, I found it to be very useful and as a direct result I am working on 3 or 4 opportunities derived from this. You’ve changed the way I operate
thank you!
Graham McWilliam
Graham McWilliamManaging Director at Glencraft (Aberdeen) Ltd / Glencraft Luxury

Ready to truly master LinkedIn as a tool?

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Our course consists of 3 live and interactive 2 hour sessions and 3 interactive 1 hour sessions over the following 3 weeks

LinkedIn Core

Session one will cover the basics of LinkedIn. You will have been given a series of pre-course videos to work through that will allow us to move forward on advanced use and building your model. The heart of LinkedIn is your profile and how you use this. In this session we will look at the subtleties and processes behind building out a solid profile and using it the right way. From here, we will step into technical aspects of using LinkedIn, ranging from Navigator, Groups, Polls, Posting, going viral, building your database and other core parts of LinkedIn. At the end of this session you will have a strong understanding of the parts of LinkedIn that technically you should be using


Session two will be about building out your content creation model with an end result of a stronger brand, clearer thought leadership and content that can be used to drive traffic or further build brand. 

Strategically building out content and keeping the flow going is the key. Writing articles, creating videos, posting, forming info-graphics is a lot easier than you think. In this session we will show you workarounds, build a content creation template, teach you the basics of creating videos, articles, posts, info-graphics and building out your model. You’ll consistently and effortlessly bring out your areas of expertise, tap into others and be a thought leader in your space at your level.



Session three is the practical application of the previous sessions. You now understand how to use LinkedIn, you are now creating content in a light fashion or in larger volumes, you have a content creation template and plan. How do you use all this as you move forward?

In this session you will be building use cases on how to get LinkedIn to work for you, whether you are growing your business, involved in sales, setting an example as a manager or developing your career or brand. 

You will have tailored groups, workbooks and will be building your model for the next period of your career.

What you’ll gain from this course…

  • Turn Linkedin into a sales referral engine for you and your business.
  • Transform your presence on Linkedin to that of a recognised expert.
  • How to successfully approach and engage new contacts and develop trust.
  • Turn every connection you have into a referrer of new opportunities to you.
  • Build and nurture a network of connections there to support your business aims.
  • Become a Linkedin expert and how to transfer these skills to your team.
  • Define a personal model for you to use Linkedin

Amazingly interesting and useful to read your report having been part of the process, it puts a very different perspective from reading studies which you haven’t been actively involved with, that’s a first for me! A great conclusion to many weeks of input. Thanks Fraser!

Vikki Bruce

MD of MacLean & Bruce, Scotland’s leading whisky-centric luxury travel, forum retreats & bespoke luxury experience specialists.

Our learning

What outcomes do you want? That should be the question you ask at the start of any course. What outcomes, how will you use them, do they work, how will they change your life and your colleagues lives as you move forward?

We believe that all training is about the outcome. We are focused on delivering content the same way you receive it in a university course. This is broken into three parts, following Blooms Taxonomy as a principle. 

1. Understand   2. Apply   3. Create

On our courses we take you on an interactive journey where there are clearly defined outcomes, they are measurable. You learn the knowledge, you apply it and then make it your own. We do this using a variety of tools, from peer-to-peer learning, breakout rooms, workbooks, video, white-boarding and fun interactive role-plays. The outcome is that you learn, work in teams, grow with others and get better at what you do.

Transformational Fraser Morrison. Everyone has a goal of some sort but not everyone is successful. Success comes from having a conscious process and working it! You have helped enormously. Thanks.

Dave Stewart

Creator of bespoke, no-bullshit thinking and development experiences for leaders and teams in amazing Scottish spaces

Linkedln for Leaders Course – GBP 125

GBP 125 | Full refund if cancelled after 1st session


Build your business and personal brand in the digital age TODAY!

What you get:

– Three two-hour sessions, plus three one-hour follow up sessions.
– Access to pre-learning content and course micro videos that support your learning journey.
– Ability to redo course free of charge if need be, access to the group that comes from this course and collaboration from this and many other additional benefits.

If after the first session this course isn’t for you, let us know within 24 hours and we’ll provide a FULL REFUND.

Learn how to make LinkedIn work for you

Find new leads, advance your career, gain a voice.
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Meet the instructors:

Fraser Morrison

Building sales models aren’t easy. Most companies we come across have a broken process at some level. I believe this comes from a few areas, fundamentally though, there is a lack of quality education on how sales work in the 21st century. There is no degree in sales. Yet in a successful business, you need Product, Operations, and Sales to all be equally effective. Clients do not want closers, they do not want sweet talkers, they do not want sub-standard products, so then by default, the traditional model of sales will not work anymore.
My philosophy centers around the belief that great sales models come from people that love their products, are technically knowledgeable, care about their clients and are being developed the same way you would develop an athlete. With a mixture of skills, excellent training, discipline and a high culture environment of success.
I have over 31 years of experience as a Sales Manager, Senior sales management and as a Salesperson. This has been developed in multiple continents, products and environments. I have also studied under one of the top sales coaches, Stephen Schiffman for over four years, where he coached and worked with me daily.
Ultimately, selling comes back to being client-centric. Having a solid nurture model to manage prospects, partners and clients. Having a process for meetings, deep questioning and listening skills, great lead generation, appointment booking, a solid set of metrics and CRM that sit around this. With these all working efficiently, the rest will take care of itself.

Russell Dalgleish

Russell Dalgleish, also known as the “Tall Scottish Guy”, has had a thriving career as not only a serial entrepreneur but an Investor, Strategist, Director and member of the Advisory Board at the Scottish Government’s CivTech® Programme and to the Board of Trade. He brings the experience of overcoming adversities to build a range of successful companies, offers a unique and challenging insight into the world of the private investor and highlights opportunities available to entrepreneurs today. Russell sits on the boards on ten companies and organisations including the Institute of Directors Scotland, Mr Finch Limited and Remarkable. He has also recently expanded his efforts internationally by launching his co-founded Business Network, SBN, into the US and has been recognized as one of the top 100 Most Influential British Entrepreneurs.

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Testimonials about 1000Steps

During the course, the clear actions and training materials, allowed me to focus on getting connected to prospective clients. The most challenging part was changing my behaviour but the instructors were very supportive trough out the whole process.
If you want to approach sales in a smart way, basing your actions on a plan then join 1000Steps sales training program!
It’ll give you both the confidence and much-needed framework to get your sales off the group.
Graham Cox
Graham CoxFacilitator | Trainer | Coach with Vaughan Govier Pte Ltd
Fraser was excellent in guiding us through our sales and business model. He is highly skilled and knowledgable in what he does and it’s always been a pleasure working with him.
Leo Shu May
Leo Shu MayMarketing Manager at Danish Design Co
1000Steps has changed my business immensely. The instructors looked at my process at every stage and made suggestions as to where I can make improvements. This has had a huge impact on me and my business. I cannot recommend 1000Steps courses enough!.
Andrew Talbot
Andrew Talbot Director | Financial Planner

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We believe we should be accountable for the quality of what we deliver.
Full refund if cancelled after 1st session

 Our model is based around outcomes and behavioural change, sometimes our methods don’t suit everyone. If after the 1st session it isn’t for you, let us know within 24 hrs and we’ll provide a full refund including charges.