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Driving Growth and Maximizing Success

An integrated sales and marketing strategy is crucial for securing focus and maximizing return on investment.

At 1000Steps, we understand the significance of a well-crafted strategy in driving business success. Our expertise in sales optimization empowers organizations to unlock their full sales potential and achieve remarkable results.

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The Problem

We often hear from our new clients that they are struggling to capture the essence of their value proposition. They don’t really know how to differentiate themselves. And they are not 100% sure where their future sales growth will come from. This presents as a shaky foundation and that means it becomes difficult for your teams to move forward with confidence.

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The Consequences

A lack of focus in strategy diminishes the return on investment for all sales and marketing activities. It negatively impacts product development, promotional activity (including briefs to agency partners), reduces price realization (and margin), and inhibits development of distribution, including partnership models. It also directs your salesforce into sub-optimal markets and segments.

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The 1000Steps Solution

Using Sales and Marketing Strategy to address segmentation, differentiation and the value proposition.


Segmentation is the process of breaking down a single homogeneous market into a series of sub-markets that share common attributes. For example, industry verticals. The ambition is to identify those target customer segments offering the greatest likelihood of commercial success. Then, to develop a sophisticated understanding of these customer segments, so that you can target them with confidence.

Differentiation Strategy

A differentiation strategy is necessary to internally align the business and ensure your brand stands out from competitors in a way that is valued by your target customer segments. True differentiation can be secured through a number of strategic options, and selecting the right one for your business will have a profound effect on your future business performance.

Value Proposition

A strong and compelling value proposition is required to attract and retain your target customers at the desired price point. Best practise extends from development of a succinct qualitative expression of your value proposition, to a more sophisticated quantitative understanding of how your value proposition drives your customers’ revenue, costs and risks.

The above elements are foundational to the development of your marketing mix (4Ps) and vital lens through which to focus all sales activity.

How 1000Steps Delivers:

Sales & Marketing Strategies

  • Our consulting services are expertly delivered through immersive guided workshops.
  • The workshop agenda is designed to produce clear, actionable outcomes that drive results.
    • Detailed descriptions of target customer segments that align with your commercial ambitions.
    • Development of a differentiation strategy and associated transformation planning.
    • Qualitative and quantitative articulation of your value proposition.
Additional strategic support, outside the scope above is available on request.
Sales and Strategy Solution

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