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Building the Foundation for Success and Empowering Sales Growth

An efficient and productive sales process converts more leads into sales.

At 1000Steps, we understand the vital role of a well-structured sales process in driving business success. With our expertise in sales optimization, we empower organizations to unlock their full sales potential and achieve remarkable results.

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The Problem

We often hear from our new clients that their sales process is very inconsistent. They just don’t convert enough leads, and find their teams discount far too much. The fact is that many sales people and sales teams underperform. Commonly, there is insufficient structure around sales meetings and this is a key factor behind inconsistent efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, when sales people underperform or new people join, there is no best-practise methodology that can be trained or coached.

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The Consequences

Poor lead conversion and high rates of discounting (reduced margin) is the likely outcome, which directly impacts the overall profitability of your business. In addition, a lack of sales training can result in high staff turnover, hinder the growth and development of your team, and limit the success of new hires, creating additional challenges for your organization to overcome.

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The 1000Steps Solution

A well-structured sales process that engages your value proposition.

Optimizing Sales Processes

A well-developed sales process improves salesforce efficiency and productivity, leading to increased sales and higher prices. By implementing a structured approach, you can streamline workflows, optimize resource allocation, and deliver greater value, resulting in improved sales outcomes and profitability.

Building Trust and Converting Opportunities

A compelling and engaging sales process is required to build trust and fully extract the information necessary to understand the wants and needs of your target customers. It is during the sales process that you have the priceless opportunity to deeply engage your value proposition with customers. This is crucial to convert opportunities into sales, without discounting.

The Strategic Journey of Successful Sales

We believe that in most B2B sectors, the sales process should flow from the first meeting, through discovery stages, and then into a collaborative phase, before a proposal is developed. It is this journey that grants you the time to properly develop the relationship and engage your value proposition to the required degree.

How 1000Steps Develops:

Sales Processes

  • These consulting services are usually delivered through guided workshops. These are highly interactive and include time for role play, which we find to be a vital ingredient to road-test and secure confidence in the thinking behind the new processes.
  • Workshops are designed to produce clear deliverables. These include highly defined sales process steps that draw from your whole team’s existing skills and experience to produce a single best practice approach. A typical workshop runs for two days. This means that the final process can be rolled out to the organisation and fully operational on day three.
  • All sales processes will be fully documented. They can be used to on-board, train and coach your sales team. This means that as your business scales, you are able to secure the highest levels of efficiency and productivity from new and existing team members.

Additional sales process development support through strategic consultation is available on request.

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