Sales Academy

The 1000Steps Sales Academy is an 11-week virtual,
blended learning program that aims to equip you with
basic sales skills and a Business Development Model that
goes beyond traditional methods of selling and scales
with your business.

Next course begins 2nd of September 2020.

Surpass your targets- The 1000Steps Way
At 1000Steps we teach you the principles of ethical sales which enables you to build long lasting relationships with the clients that you want. Our Business Development Model helps you achieve breakthrough sales performance making sales an enjoyable experience.

No Cold Calling

We don’t teach you traditional sales methods such as cold calling or pushy closing techniques

Capture market share

Our Business Development model is a model that scales with your business at every stage

Upskill yourself

We help you master the basics and equip you with the skills you need to build the career you desire

26 hours of virtual live learning over 11 weeks

We’ve harnessed the best technologies and learning principles to provide you with a university quality course, instructor-led and online.


  • Our 11-week course involves you spending just 2 hours a day 2 days a week of live instructor led class time and 1 hour workshops which involve one-to-one mentoring. 
  • Supercharge your lead generation with a free unlimited lead source
  • Learn what metrics you need to track and how to smash targets
  • Equip yourself with the skills to run efficient client meetings
  • Discover your Sales personality and put your powerful Sales Toolkit into action
  • To learn more about how you will spend your time on the course take a look at our course syllabus
Get Ready to Increase Sales
Get Ready to achieve, more Sales, better Processes & discover the best you. We arm you with the best skills that give you a complete insight into the ideal sales model that actually work.

What's in it for you?

Reaching break-through performance in sales doesn’t require special talent, it is a skill that can be learned.


  • Grow your business exponentially.
  •  Align your marketing & sales efforts.
  •  Boost your professional career.
  • Equip your teams with essential skills.
  • Take advantage of the digital world.
  • Learn from experienced professionals.
  • Engage with a global community.


What makes us different?
You’re not just another course attendee to us, we strive to help you transform your business and your life and have built a community that benefits from learning, engaging, and growing together.

Sales Toolkit

We arm you with the basic skills and give you complete insight into the ideal sales model that actually works and scales with your business

Personal Assessments

We’re here to help you identify your strengths and build actionable roadmaps to help you achieve your fullest sales potential


We consider ourselves successful when we’ve helped you achieve your goals and work with you on a personal level through the process

One-to-One Mentoring

We’re not here to teach, we’re here to be your advisors, supporters and the people you can turn to any time

Experienced instructors

Our instructors are actual sales people who have spent decades in the industry and actually apply processes that they teach

Global Community

Our global community helps you expand your network, foster connections and helps you build lasting relationships with peers that celebrate you

Unlimited Resources

Get access to templates, nuggets of wisdom, case studies, cheat-sheets and videos on-demand

Support Forever

Interact with the community even after course completion and get the support you need whenever you need it

Virtual Learning

Take advantage of the online learning environment with our Thinkific platform and get access to course content and videos

Ethical Sales is the way forward

Clients now want to engage with technologically knowledgeable sales people that can help them make the right decisions at the right time and build relationships and connections that last. With ethical sales processes you get to skip cold calling and traditional pushy sales tactics, take the stress out of meeting targets and gain clear visibility on your pipeline and outcomes.

Who teaches the course?

Fraser Morrison, the Founder & CEO of 1000Steps has over 31 years of experience in various sales roles in 10+ industries.

He has spent 12 years perfecting the 1000Steps Business Development Model that can be applied to a business of any size at any stage in any industry. His clientele includes top executives from Fortune 500 companies, SMEs and some of the fastest-growing, innovative startups across the globe.

Fraser has helped businesses across the world from the UK, Singapore, Australia and the Middle East take control of their sales and grow their revenue exponentially.