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We believe that all training is about the outcome. We are focused on delivering content the same way it’s received in university courses. Following the principal of Blooms Taxonomy, this is broken into three parts. 

1. Understand   2. Apply   3. Create


1000Steps ACADEMY

1000Steps ACADEMY

1000Steps Academy

Our courses will teach you the 14 skills necessary to lift your sales game!  Master prospecting, nurturing, organisation, process and metrics delivered in an online interactive class format.

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Next intake starts on September 2st 2020 and runs for 5 weeks.

Sessions are on Wednesday & Fridays from 8-10 am UK, 3-5 pm SG, 5-7 pm AEST. (10 Interactive Sessions)

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Linkedin for Successful Leaders

Digital transformation was always coming but we were more or less only using digital within our established mental framework. Things have changed, digital is the future. To optimize your personal and corporate future, making the digital transition is going to be at the heart of your success.

The big question is how do you build your business and personal brand within this digital world?

Days Hours

Next Intake runs on
October 13th, 15th and 20th 2020. 

Sessions runs for 8-10am UK,
 3-5pm SG, 5-7pm AEST

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Questioning and listening

This course looks at the skill of questioning and listening. This is a subject that we are all aware of, its part of our everyday lives, and we are all conscious of the fact that we can get a lot better. During the three sessions, we will look at the skill, look at how effective you are, by getting you to self assess as an individual and as a group, by giving you a framework for asking questions, then by working in groups in the cloud building out questions, practicing them with active feedback and putting you in a position at the end of the course where you can start your process of being a much better active listener, able to fame questions much more effectively and have three techniques that you can develop over time.

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Next Intake starts on July 7th 2020

Days Hours

Lead generation and appointment booking

At the heart of all successful sales models is lead generation. In this series, we are working together to build your lead generation model. This means that you will walk away with a process that will allow you to create unlimited leads. We will use 3 core methodologies.
1. LinkedIn
2. Referrals
3. Networking
In order to build a successful model you must master core areas of lead generation ranging from how to find leads, how to nurture leads/partners and how to convert these leads into meetings. All without cold calling.

Not Open for Registration

Next Intake starts on
August 11th 2020

Days Hours

Meetings framework for sales

We tend to believe that we are good at meetings, but do you obtain your desired outcomes each time? It may seem easy to do a first meeting, discovery, or proposal meeting, but the reality is that these tend to not go so well and in a structured way that leads to a natural progression into the next steps. Bad meetings cause a variety of problems including price conversations too early, not talking to the right people, not understanding the client properly, too long between meetings, poor understanding of the next steps with clients, and many more. With these sessions, we will build a model that mitigates a large percentage of these issues and works for you. By having structure, understanding the flow, knowing how to control the conversation, and understanding where you are in a meeting, you are by default in control all around. We will explain first meetings, discovery meetings, collaboration, and proposal meetings. Your models will allow you to have a structured world with clients with effective engagement and a better outcome for both parties.

Not Open for Registration

Next Intake starts on
August 28th 2020

Days Hours

Time management and goal planning

Time is our biggest enemy. Why can some people get so much done and others get stuck so easily? In these three sessions, we work with you on building out your time management model. We will assess where your time goes, work out best practices, and help you define an outcome-based time management model that will work for you.

Not Open for Registration

Next Intake starts on
September 8th 2020

Days Hours

Partnership model building

We are all aware that partnerships, if done well, create an incredible channel for us to scale our businesses. Building these out, however, is fraught with challenges. In this series, we work with you to frame out your model looking at these core areas.
1. Why do you want a channel and why do they want you?
2. How do you find partners?
3. How do you build an onboarding model for partners?
4. How do you manage and nurture your partners on an ongoing basis?
Building out your model around these core areas will then give you a solid platform to continue building on going forward.

Not Open for Registration

Next Intake starts on
September 22nd  2020

Days Hours

Client servicing and upselling

This course revolves around client servicing and your up-selling model. Good client servicing comes from a variety of areas.
1. Good delivery of your product
2. Consistant nurturing
3. A solid review process and set of next steps
4. Anticipation of their needs and being one step ahead
Within these sessions, we will look at building a clear and manageable model around these areas. The delivery of the product is something we cannot do, but we can help you assess whether it has worked well and if not, why not? From here, we will step into how you grow your relationships and build out trust with clients. From this we can determine your up-selling model. Good client servicing is critical, more so now than ever before.

Not Open for Registration

Next Intake starts on
October 6th  2020

Days Hours

CRM optimisation

The biggest mistake that companies make with running their sales models is not having a working CRM. The use of CRM underpinning your sales model is critical. It lets you do a variety of things:
1. Manage your existing clients
2. Manage your leads and prospects
3. Manage your partners
4. Coordinate outbound lead generation
5. Give quick access to information on prospects and clients 6. Be a repository for information as you get it
7. Run your marketing campaigns
8. Manage your sales teams
9. Manage yourself
10. Understand your ratios
These are ten things that are a start point of CRM and are just the basics. A well set up system, with the right structure, nurture points, implementation, updates, and being used company-wide is worth its weight in gold. In these sessions, we will work with you to understand CRM, what it can do, what it cannot, help you frame out your model, understand the core parts and create a framework with a set of best practices around your system.

Not Open for Registration

Next Intake starts on
October 20th  2020

Days Hours

Content creation and nurturing

In the 21st century, content holds the keys to the castle. It allows you to reach out to people strategically, allows you to nurture, works for marketing, builds your brand, supports internal, and reinforces your direction (small or big). We need a consistent flow of content. This should consist of posts, articles, shares, videos, infographics, quizzes, and many other pieces of content that have multiple sources. The subject matter expert, SME, is at the heart of this model and we are going to help you understand what you can and cannot do. We will force you to create multiple pieces of content, in different formats and give you a distribution model and storage process to allow you to use it effectively. We are not teaching you marketing here. What we are working on is to get you to build out a method of creating a steady flow of content, storing it the right way, and then building your strategy around this.

Not Open for Registration

Next Intake starts on
November 3rd  2020

Days Hours

Coaching sales people

Coaching salespeople is tough, even in the best of times. With the world changing so profoundly we have to help our teams in the most effective ways possible. In these sessions, we look at three core areas.
1. Building and defining your sales model
2. Coaching and development plan for your teams
3. How you manage using metrics
The core topics rotate around the theme that if you don’t have a solid sales model, with each of the parts broken into pieces, how can you expect your sales team to have the same? The phrase, “They should know what they are doing, they are salespeople” is not acceptable anymore. The world has changed, the models have changed, and we have to help our teams build out their models. From here, we step into how you actually coach teams, what does a coaching session look like, what are the different types of coaching (i.e. individual sessions, group sessions, whiteboarding a problem, live sessions where you all do LinkedIn together) and you work through issues as they come. Then we go into coaching through a problem, such as not using CRM the right way and working to get the teams on board and using it. From here we look at metrics, dashboards, and how to pool, interpret, and work out what data you have, how it is used, what the metrics say. A major focus on ratios and how you should be using them. These sessions will help you clarify your model, identify weaknesses you have, build out solutions to these areas, give you core methods of developing your teams to scale, practice these and then step you into a metrics-based management model.

Not Open for Registration

Next Intake starts on
November 17th 2020

Days Hours

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Our learning methodologies:

Our learning

What outcomes do you want? That should be the question you ask at the start of any course. What outcomes, how will you use them, do they work, how will they change your life and your colleagues lives as you move forward?

We believe that all training is about the outcome. We are focused on delivering content the same way you receive it in a university course. This is broken into three parts, following Blooms Taxonomy as a principle. 

1. Understand   2. Apply   3. Create

On our courses we take you on an interactive journey where there are clearly defined outcomes, they are measurable. You learn the knowledge, you apply it and then make it your own. We do this using a variety of tools, from peer-to-peer learning, breakout rooms, workbooks, video, white-boarding and fun interactive role-plays. The outcome is that you learn, work in teams, grow with others and get better at what you do.

Meet the instructors:

Fraser Morrison

Building sales models aren’t easy. Most companies we come across have a broken process at some level. I believe this comes from a few areas, fundamentally though, there is a lack of quality education on how sales work in the 21st century. There is no degree in sales. Yet in a successful business, you need Product, Operations, and Sales to all be equally effective. Clients do not want closers, they do not want sweet talkers, they do not want sub-standard products, so then by default, the traditional model of sales will not work anymore.
My philosophy centers around the belief that great sales models come from people that love their products, are technically knowledgeable, care about their clients and are being developed the same way you would develop an athlete. With a mixture of skills, excellent training, discipline and a high culture environment of success.
I have over 31 years of experience as a Sales Manager, Senior sales management and as a Salesperson. This has been developed in multiple continents, products and environments. I have also studied under one of the top sales coaches, Stephen Schiffman for over four years, where he coached and worked with me daily.
Ultimately, selling comes back to being client-centric. Having a solid nurture model to manage prospects, partners and clients. Having a process for meetings, deep questioning and listening skills, great lead generation, appointment booking, a solid set of metrics and CRM that sit around this. With these all working efficiently, the rest will take care of itself.

Russell Dalgleish

Russell Dalgleish, also known as the “Tall Scottish Guy”, has had a thriving career as not only a serial entrepreneur but an Investor, Strategist, Director and member of the Advisory Board at the Scottish Government’s CivTech® Programme and to the Board of Trade. He brings the experience of overcoming adversities to build a range of successful companies, offers a unique and challenging insight into the world of the private investor and highlights opportunities available to entrepreneurs today. Russell sits on the boards on ten companies and organisations including the Institute of Directors Scotland, Mr Finch Limited and Remarkable. He has also recently expanded his efforts internationally by launching his co-founded Business Network, SBN, into the US and has been recognized as one of the top 100 Most Influential British Entrepreneurs.

Testimonials about 1000Steps

During the course, the clear actions and training materials, allowed me to focus on getting connected to prospective clients. The most challenging part was changing my behaviour but the instructors were very supportive trough out the whole process.
If you want to approach sales in a smart way, basing your actions on a plan then join 1000Steps sales training program!
It’ll give you both the confidence and much-needed framework to get your sales off the group.
Graham Cox
Graham CoxFacilitator | Trainer | Coach with Vaughan Govier Pte Ltd
Fraser was excellent in guiding us through our sales and business model. He is highly skilled and knowledgable in what he does and it’s always been a pleasure working with him.
Leo Shu May
Leo Shu MayMarketing Manager at Danish Design Co
1000Steps has changed my business immensely. The instructors looked at my process at every stage and made suggestions as to where I can make improvements. This has had a huge impact on me and my business. I cannot recommend 1000Steps courses enough!.
Andrew Talbot
Andrew Talbot Director | Financial Planner

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